Revised Requistion Form

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Highlands Pathology Consultants is pleased to announce the release of a new requisition with changes made to the “GYN CYTOLOGY REQUEST” section only. The changes were made to more accurately reflect the 2012 Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines. There are only two reflexive options offered:

 1)REFLEX HPV (High Risk) if ASC or LSIL 

2)REFLEX HPV (High Risk) if ASC

Low Risk serotype testing is no longer recommended by ACOG or ASCCP and therefore has been removed from the requisition.

In addition to the Reflex options, there is a new option:


This option is recommended for screening those women 30 years and older. It replaces the “HPV REGARDLESS” option previously offered on the requisition.

The new requisition can be found by clicking “Client Resources” and then selecting “Forms”. If you have any questions, please contact the marketing department.

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